Fumme Foaming Bath Milk 8oz.

Fumme Foaming Bath Milk 8oz.
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Over two thousand years ago, Cleopatra filled her elegant tub with milk to maintain her notoriously supple skin. However, the multiple benefits of milk baths and milk-based skin care products are being revisited in the new millennium as more people seek alternative solutions to their health and beauty needs.Milk is incredibly beneficial for the skin in many different ways. Its various ingredients serve a multitude of skin-improving purposes. Milk works wonders for the skin beginning with the alpha hydroxy acid it naturally contains. Called lactic acid, this acts as a gentle cleanser for skin and is a good source of vitamins A and D, which nourish the complexion. Another naturally occurring acid in milk is a beta hydroxy acid which acts as an excellent skin exfoliant. Available in an 8oz. foaming dispenser.


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